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5 Signs You May Need a Marriage Counselor

Even the strongest marriages can hit rough patches. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen. When couples reach troubled waters, busy or conflicting schedules can often sink attempts to calm the storm. Unfortunately, trying to figure it out on your own can often lead to crucial things left unsaid and strong relationships on the rocks. That’s…

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The Emotional Impact of Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one or a friend can have devastating effects on your mental health. It is painful to lose them through a medical fault such as using the wrong procedure during surgery. Death affects our physical and emotional well-being. Most people do not know how to deal with grief every time it hits their…

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Personal and Confidential Counseling in Austin

Austin, Texas is a bustling city that is experiencing a notable growth in the personal service industry. Being the state capital of Texas, it has seen the growth that is brought about by people’s increased focus on better grooming, wellness, and all round general health. A Boom in Personal Services Available in Austin Personal service…

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Positive Psychology & Scripture

scripture and psychology

Too often in the field of psychology we have focused on what is wrong with the individual, trying to understand and treat disorders. Over time we have learned to understand the various disorders and how to treat them. The focus of Positive Psychology is how to we prevent them from happening in the first place…

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