Blended Family Counseling

Nurture New Family Relationships

You’ve built a meaningful relationship with someone you love, and you’ve made the decision to commit to spending your lives together. Congratulations! In addition to the joy of your relationship, however, when a marriage involves blending two families, there are many more challenges ahead as you develop new family dynamics. Children and teens are often creatures of habit, and anything that disrupts their routine can be met with anger and frustration. Creating the family bonds you desire takes time, and it may be more easily achieved with blended family counseling. Counseling for your entire family makes it easier to get issues out in the open so you can start to heal. Blended family therapy can also help the transition with extended family members.

How Blended Family Therapy Can Help

  • Better understand the point of view of other family members
  • Discover ways to grow together as one family
  • Learn how to diffuse tension and resolve conflicts
  • Introduce a safe space for all family members to communicate openly
  • Find ways to agree on raising all children together as a couple
  • Learn how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy manner
  • Realize unwanted behaviors and take steps to change those patterns

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Joining two families can be a formidable undertaking, especially when stressful factors like moving, changing jobs, and switching schools are involved. Don’t let family challenges undermine your loving relationship with someone you care deeply about. Therapy with Christian Counseling Austin has helped many families grow closer and learn the skills needed to deal with life issues as they arise. Schedule your blended family counseling session today and help your loved ones foster healthy relationships for a happier future.

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