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Teen Counseling

Counseling for Teens in Austin

The task of parents and teenagers is to talk to each other in an open and accepting manner.  When conflict and tension is not addressed, resentment begins to build.  The teen can begin to act out further, escalating the issue.  I work with both teens and their parents to have a better relationship.

Christian counseling for teens can be very effective to help struggling youth feel understood and learn how to communicate better.  Every teen is different in the way they act out, but there are some similarities.

Common Issues Youth Counseling Can Help With

  • Not listening to you or not following through on simple requests
  • Being angry, rebellious or aggressive
  • Seems to hate you
  • Always on their phone, misuse of computer/game devices
  • Staying out too late or hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • Abusing alcohol, drugs, or acting sexually promiscuous
  • Being "dramatic" about everything
  • Does not seem to be interested in anything
  • Trying to cope with divorced parents
youth counseling for christians

In the initial counseling session it can be helpful to have one parent there along with the teen to spend some time discussing together what the issues are that you and your teen would like to address and how we might be able to achieve them.

Depending on how long that takes I might have the parent step out while I spend the remainder of the session with your teen.  Follow up sessions are most beneficial for me to meet with the teen alone to establish trust which is helpful for the counseling process. Here are some of the solutions we will work on:

  • Address any Urgent Issues that are Present
  • Better Communication through Listening
  • Identify Talents and Skills as a Constructive Outlet
  • Discuss Boundaries and Limits
  • Learn how to Manage Conflict
  • Help both Teen & Parent have Mutual Respect for each others Needs
  • Learn how to Affirm while setting Limits

The teenage years are filled with change and can be a very challenging time for many teens and parents alike.  I provide counseling to both teens and parents during this challenging time.  My joy is to help teens and parents communicate better.  All issues discussed are done so in a very safe and respectful way.

For more information about counseling for your teen, contact me or simply schedule an appointment now at your convenience.

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