Christian Counseling Services

Christian Counseling Austin offers a wide variety of Christian counseling services and couples counseling services in Austin. Below, we discuss some of our most popular services.

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Marriage Counseling

We offer marriage and couples counseling in Austin to couples who are looking to improve their relationship. Marriage counseling is a very effective means of rebuilding trust, deepening a relationship, or navigating unforeseen circumstances. While our Christian marriage counseling services are specifically geared towards married couples, you don’t have to be married to book our Austin couples counseling services.

Individual Counseling

We also offer Christian counseling services for those looking to improve their own life. Individual counseling can be particularly effective for people who are at a crossroads in life and need a but of input or advice in order to find clarity on their next steps.

Teen and Adolescent Counseling

We offer teen and adolescent Christian counseling services for young people who can benefit from having a professional outlet for healing. Our Christian counseling services for teens are specifically designed to help them manage the unique trials of growing up and to increase honest, productive communication between them and their parents.

Family Counseling

We offer family counseling for Austin couples or for single parents and their children. If parents and their children are experiencing communication or relationship issues that are affecting the entire family unit, then counseling can be exactly what’s needed. By providing a space for fair and honest communication, family counseling helps to heal wounds and meet the needs of both the parents and children.

Spiritual Direction

We offer spiritual direction for those who are looking to develop and deepen their relationship with God. There are many times in our lives when things seem difficult to overcome and we question our faith. Talking it out with a professional can help bring an understanding of God’s plan for us.

Counseling for Pastors

We offer Christian counseling services for pastors and church leaders who need to talk with someone about their personal or ministerial issues in confidence. A healthy pastor is a healthy leader. To thank you for your ministry, we offer a discounted rate for counseling sessions.

Concierge Counseling

Our concierge Christian counseling services are designed for people who want a counselor "on call" or "on retainer.” This type of service is particularly beneficial to those who need access to a counselor more frequently than once a week.

Blended Family Services

By applying the word of God as expressed in the Bible, Christian counseling services can help unite blended families. Utilizing essential Christian values assists in providing enlightenment and structure for a lifetime of knowledge and love. You can obtain this uniquely effective service through Christian Counseling Austin, where you can reinforce and strengthen a solid blended family structure by relying on the words of God.

Premarital Counseling

Christian counseling services can help couples learn how to apply the knowledge derived from the Bible to help prepare for a life-long commitment to one another. Employing the word of God in preparation for the sacred marital union is essential to achieve marital harmony. Making a marriage work takes a strong sense of direction and the willingness to take accountability. When God’s word is applied through couples counseling in Austin, any life challenge that may appear along your marital journey can be conquered.

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