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It can be hard to recognize small issues in your relationship until they balloon out of control into much larger problems. On our blog, you’ll find practical, helpful articles discussing the signs you may need a counselor, advice to keep your relationship healthy, the benefits of therapy, and more. Nip your problems in the bud before they get out of hand with tips from a marriage counseling Austin expert. Read our blog now and discover how therapy can support your Christian marriage!

Marriage Counseling: What Not to Say

By josephbordelon | February 28, 2022

Deciding to seek out a Christian marriage counselor’s advice can be an excellent first step in addressing and working on the issues that continue to be detrimental to your relationship with your spouse. But while many know that Christian relationship counseling is the right move for them, there still may be some uncertainty regarding the…

How to Maintain a Relationship

By Jordan coalitiontechnologies | January 11, 2022

Relationships are formed with friends, coworkers, family, and romantic partners. Having healthy relationships provides substantial benefits to our lives, including our health, but it is essential to learn how to maintain a relationship to reap the rewards. Learning how to have a good relationship takes work, but in the end, your connection will be strengthened…

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Marriage Counseling Questions to Strengthen Your Relationship

By josephbordelon | December 4, 2021

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that takes work, especially when times are challenging. Seeking help along the way by asking the most consequential marriage counseling questions will strengthen your relationship with one another and empower you as individuals. During a marriage there will be challenges along the way, but these potential roadblocks can be conquered…

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What is Christian Counseling?

By josephbordelon | October 22, 2021

If you’re new to the field of counseling, you may be wondering, “what is Christian counseling?” Christian counseling brings together the principles of psychology and the truths found in the Bible. By utilizing Scripture and biblical teachings with clinically proven psychology, a couple can nurture their minds, bodies, and spirits to reinforce and solidify their…

a man and woman smiling and embracing next to a pond

Marriage Counseling Tips & Exercises to Improve your Relationship

By josephbordelon | October 22, 2021

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but, fortunately, there are valuable tips and exercises to improve your marriage and bring you closer to one another. Marriage is the bonding of two people, and once they are married, they are a team. These marriage counseling tips and exercises aim to strengthen and reconnect by focusing…

Therapy Lessons for the Whole Family

Our blog offers support for Christian marriagesindividuals, and the entire family. Whether you need advice on how to deal with losing a loved one or tips on how to relate better, our blog can help give you direction. Keeping family relationships functional and healthy can be difficult, but it’s often especially challenging when you have teens or a blended family. Check our blog for helpful tips or schedule a session today.

Spiritual Direction from the Bible

Our Christian blog also offers support in the form of psychology derived from scripture. Scripture offers many meaningful lessons that can be applied to everyday life and relationships, but sometimes it can take a little explanation to really get the message across. With Joseph Bordelon’s extensive experience and education in ministerial and pastoral counseling, he has the knowledge to bridge the gap and bring light to scripture in a way that cultivates deeper understanding. The Bible has so much to offer when it comes to living a fulfilling life and building happy and successful relationships.

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