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It can be hard to recognize small issues in your relationship until they balloon out of control into much larger problems. On our blog, you’ll find practical, helpful articles discussing the signs you may need a counselor, advice to keep your relationship healthy, the benefits of therapy, and more. Nip your problems in the bud before they get out of hand with tips from a marriage counseling Austin expert. Read our blog now and discover how therapy can support your Christian marriage!

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5 Love Languages Types: Tips to Resolve Conflict in a Relationship

By josephbordelon | August 23, 2021

The 5 love language types were developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, an author and counselor, in his book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. While this book was written in 1992, it continues to sell copies today and has helped millions of couples build more meaningful relationships and resolve conflicts. We…

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What to Expect From Christian Marriage Counseling

By josephbordelon | August 19, 2021

Solving the problems that arise during marriage requires certain skills that may not come naturally, but guidance from a marriage counselor can make the marital journey more joyful and unified. For those with religious beliefs, this guidance can be even more effective when it comes from a qualified Christian marriage counselor. What makes Christian-based marriage…

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Does Christian Marriage Counseling Work?

By josephbordelon | July 9, 2021

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and many couples can work through their issues and move forward. Sometimes though, couples can hit roadblocks that are difficult to navigate. Whether you’re married or not, counseling can be an effective way to improve your relationship. For couples that share Christian beliefs, choosing a Christian marriage counselor…

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5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

By josephbordelon | April 5, 2019

Even the strongest marriages can hit rough patches. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen. When couples reach troubled waters, busy or conflicting schedules can often sink attempts to calm the storm. Unfortunately, trying to figure it out on your own can often lead to crucial things left unsaid and strong relationships on the rocks. That’s…

The Emotional Effects of Losing a Loved One

By josephbordelon | April 5, 2019

Losing a loved one or a friend can have devastating effects on your mental health. It is painful to lose them through a medical fault such as using the wrong procedure during surgery. Death affects our physical and emotional well-being. Most people do not know how to deal with grief every time it hits their…

Therapy Lessons for the Whole Family

Our blog offers support for Christian marriagesindividuals, and the entire family. Whether you need advice on how to deal with losing a loved one or tips on how to relate better, our blog can help give you direction. Keeping family relationships functional and healthy can be difficult, but it’s often especially challenging when you have teens or a blended family. Check our blog for helpful tips or schedule a session today.

Spiritual Direction from the Bible

Our Christian blog also offers support in the form of psychology derived from scripture. Scripture offers many meaningful lessons that can be applied to everyday life and relationships, but sometimes it can take a little explanation to really get the message across. With Joseph Bordelon’s extensive experience and education in ministerial and pastoral counseling, he has the knowledge to bridge the gap and bring light to scripture in a way that cultivates deeper understanding. The Bible has so much to offer when it comes to living a fulfilling life and building happy and successful relationships.

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