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I Have Good News For You.
With God's Help Your Marriage Can Be Restored!

My name is Joseph Bordelon, and I'm here to get your life back on track with God’s help.

After an initial Christian marriage counseling session at my Austin location, we will pinpoint what each individual is doing -- or not doing -- that is causing harm to the relationship. We’ll then create a plan to facilitate the hard work of addressing unresolved issues. I look for recurring behavior patterns that have caused past wounds or continue to cause conflict. In my experience, once we uncover these issues we can begin the healing process. This leads to greater intimacy, trust, and respect between partners. I also provide counseling to families, teens, and individuals.

Christian Counseling for Marriage and More

Common Issues Christian Marriage Counseling Can Resolve

You may wish that your relationship wasn’t so difficult. You may want to learn to communicate without fighting, rekindle your romance, or gain more support from your partner. The good news is that our Christian marriage counseling in Austin can help married and unmarried couples at any stage to stabilize their relationship for a better future!


One of the most challenging situations in a relationship is when one spouse wants a divorce while the other does not. Careful steps must be taken to preserve whatever remaining stability is present. I help each partner consider the specific reasons for what they want and the feelings of the other person.


Infidelity is another deeply troubling and difficult issue to deal with in a relationship. I do not take sides or point fingers. The truth is that both people may have some degree of responsibility. I will help you discover the next steps that you need to take as a couple to rebuild trust.


Sex is one of the most important things in a relationship. It can be exciting, complicated, and frustrating. It can be quite difficult when two people value sex differently. I will help you learn to talk openly about your sexual desires and preferences to create more intimacy within sex.


Some common issues that occur within blended families are a lack of parenting experience, abrupt changes in the family dynamic, difficulty in children accepting a new parent, and changes in family traditions. Counseling can break down barriers and help form family bonds.


Effective communication is important for all relationships. Through Christian counseling, you’ll learn the skills needed to communicate so you can have the marriage you’ve always wanted. As your counselor, I’ll help you establish a better dialogue with your partner for a more emotionally fulfilling relationship.

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Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

I am licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners for Professional Counselors as an LPC. My education is specialized in Christian marriage counseling for those who are considering divorce. With a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Divinity, I will help you work through difficult issues so that you can find peace and healing.

At Christian Counseling Austin, we ground all of our services in the statement of faith which guides our beliefs. With that foundation, we believe we offer you the best Christian marriage counseling you can find in the Austin, Texas area. If you are interested in beginning the path to healthier relationships grounded in faith, then contact us today.


There is None Better Than Joseph Bordelon

“As a Pastor, I spend an enormous amount of time focused on others. I love what I do, but understand that the best gift I can give to others is a “healthy me.” I believe every pastor and leader needs a counselor. There is none better than Joseph Bordelon. He has taken my family, church and me to a whole new level.”

Trey Rose
Pastor - The Exchange Church
Austin, TX

Helpful Perspective

“Joseph was a great listener and offered helpful perspective. He was essential in bridging the communication gap between my wife and I. We are very happy with our experience and have taken what he taught us into our happy productive life together. Thanks Joseph.”

- Austin TX

He Understands the Male and Female Point of View

“We have been extremely pleased with Joseph. He is the first counselor (FINALLY) that has been able to help us with our marriage. He understands the male and female point of view which tends to be VERY hard to find in a counselor. We started with him 6 months ago and our marriage is better than it has ever been. I would 100% recommend Joseph to anyone. He is fantastic!”

Cameron Lowe
- Austin TX



A 50-minute individual session is $150.

A 75-minute couples session is $225.

If you are not able to afford this, then please still call us. It is important to me that anyone who needs counseling gets the help that they can afford.


Yes, I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO at this time.


If an individual is truly open and ready to address their own issues, then therapy is highly beneficial. However, if an individual is not, then therapy can actually create a negative experience for them.


Yes. Information is not disclosed without written permission. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Exceptions include suspected child abuse and dependent adult or elder abuse


No. Nothing is changing, we are simply discussing the issues that the couple has not been able to address on their own. However, if both people do not agree with any suggested change, it can cause a conflict that needs to be resolved. Any suggested changes are for the betterment of the relationship.


If an individual is open and ready to address their own issues, then you can expect to feel results during the first session. Once you start following through with what is discussed within the session, you will begin to feel better about your situation. This is then built upon and repeated in follow-up sessions.


No. As an impartial couples counselor, I do not side with either party -- I side with the truth. At times, depending on the issue being discussed, it may feel like I am focusing more on one partner or the other depending on the context of that issue.


Christian marriage counseling uses the science of psychology within the context of our Christian faith to address issues. I believe that we cannot achieve true healing without Jesus Christ.  He is the true counselor. I integrate best practices in the field of counseling with our faith in order to bring about healing. Each client is different in regards to what degree they are comfortable incorporating their faith into the counseling process. We’ll discuss this upfront and find out what is right for you!

One of the most difficult things about beginning counseling is taking that first step and reaching out to a counselor. We may not know each other yet, but I hope that you will become more comfortable with me and my process as you read through this site. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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