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Family Counseling

Austin Family Counseling

Christian counseling for families may be necessary when conflicts between siblings or between parents and siblings become disruptive to the family group. When this happens, it is beneficial for the entire family to come in for sessions together.  Conflicts between family members can be complex and emotionally charged. It is important for everyone in the family to give their point of view on the difficulties and say what they feel needs to change.

If your family is looking for solutions, I will work with you to open lines of communication and create a more harmonious home. Don’t wait, schedule an appointment today.

Here are just a few areas that we would cover in family counseling:

  • Address any urgent issues that are present
  • Help parents learn to listen to their children
  • Teach children there are consequences for their choices
  • Educate parents and children on the importance of being accountable to each other
  • Help children take responsibility for their actions
  • Work with parents on allowing the child to express their feelings without the threat of being "lectured"

Helping Families Heal and Reconnect

christian family therapy

I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and address feelings of hurt or anger; and we’re here to help you to develop an action plan that will move your family toward healing and reconnection.  I'd like to help you identify and address the difficult issues that are standing in the way of the strong, loving relationships your family deserves.

If your family is struggling, there is help.  Please contact me or simply schedule an appointment now at your convenience.

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