Even the strongest marriages can hit rough patches. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen.

When couples reach troubled waters, busy or conflicting schedules can often sink attempts to calm the storm. Unfortunately, trying to figure it out on your own can often lead to crucial things left unsaid and strong relationships on the rocks.

That’s why some couples trying to rebuild relationships grounded in Christian faith might consider reaching out to a qualified marriage counselor.

Marriage counselors offer not only the spiritual foundation to guide couples to stronger relationships but also the safe space to speak openly and without judgment. However, it may be difficult to admit when outside help is needed.

If you have never considered Christian marriage counseling before or have been looking for a reason to give it a shot, here are five signs your relationship may need a marriage counselor’s help.

1.) Communication has broken down

The first hallmark of a strong marriage is the ability to speak honestly and openly about shared concerns and future plans.

But when that line of communication between spouses breaks down, it can very difficult to repair. Breakdowns in communication happen for a number of reasons, some of which may seem small at first.

If your relationship has lost communication, you may find that lingering resentment or ego plays a significant factor in getting two parties to the table.

That’s why a marriage counselor could help you.

With the help of a Christian counselor, couples are provided a space to share their issues with one another in a non-judgmental environment. Counselors can look objectively at the problem and clear the path for a meaningful solution.

2.) I Constantly Fight with My Spouse

Infighting between couples can be a burden on the spirit and indicate simmering disputes or disagreements right below the surface.

Verbal, or even physical, arguments often cloud the judgment of individuals and may even destroy a relationship before it has a chance to heal.

Marriage counselors are trained and experienced in mediation techniques to help fighting loved ones reach a peaceful accord and begin to address deeper issues.

With a counselor grounded in Christianity, couples can be guided to revisit their shared values and promote love and acceptance over hate and division.

3.) My Sex Life is Unsatisfactory

For married couples, healthy sex life is a crucial part of forming and maintaining a strong bond rooted in Christian values.

Couples are made to be intimate with one another, but too often sex becomes an afterthought in the rush of daily life. For men and women, a decline in sexual desire or performance may even be an indication of underlying psychosomatic issues.

That’s why a marriage counselor’s non-judgmental perspective can help you right the ship on your sex life.

A counselor can guide couples over conscious or unconscious intimacy barriers they have set up between each other and help them begin to embrace sex as a healthy expression of love.

4.) My Spouse Doesn’t Share My Values

As a marriage matures over the years, couples may feel a sense of drifting apart. Some room to breathe is often good for a healthy marriage, but you may reach the point where you feel you simply don’t share the same values as your spouse.

This split in values or future plans can be exacerbated by having children, working long hours or forming separate friend groups. None of those things are bad on their own, but it’s crucial for couples to come together and revisit what shared values are important to them.

With the help of a marriage counselor, couples can reach a touchstone for their relationship in reconnecting on their goals and Christian values.

A counselor is trained to give couples the tools to renegotiate what they want from a relationship in a healthy and mutually uplifting way.

5.) I Lack a Sense of Connection to my Spouse

Sometimes people find themselves pulling away from their spouse or family and simply have no explanation for why they feel the way they do.

We too often live our lives in the fast lane and never take enough time to consider our place in each other’s lives and our pursuit of Christ. When that happens, you can often feel listless, depressed, or simply disconnected.

A Christian marriage counselor is trained to give you all the tools you need to find out what is ailing you emotionally and spiritually and get you on the track to strong relationships again.