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When a Christian couple decides to get married, there are a few topics that should be addressed. A Christian marriage bonds two people together, both of whom have unique expectations and thoughts about what marital commitment means.

Going into marriage as a Christian means you are going all-in for life together, and that includes the good times as well as the bad. Being prepared for potential bumps in the road is essential.
The primary things to discuss before marriage include children, money, family structure, personality issues, and emotional baggage.

1. Children

Having children is something every couple should discuss before getting married, and a Christian marriage is no different. Deciding if they both want to have children and if so, how many, is a vital topic to ensure that both parties have compatible desires. This discussion should also include how to raise the children and should cover issues like discipline and schooling.

2. Money

Scripture states that the “love of money is the root of all evil,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss how to manage money wisely as a couple. Budgeting and determining how to distribute your income may not be an easy topic before a Christian marriage takes place, but having the conversation earlier rather than later can help prevent issues from arising down the road.

3. Family Structure

Not everyone grows up in a perfect family structure. Some people are orphaned or come from homes where one parent is non-existent as a result of death, divorce, or other reasons. When someone grows up in an unstable environment, it can leave negative relational habits or make it hard to understand how a stable family structure works.

Having each partner discuss their upbringing can help avoid repeating unwanted patterns before embarking on their Christian marriage path.

4. Personality Issues

God has gifted us each with unique personalities, but sometimes different personalities can clash, especially in relationships such as marriage. Understanding each other’s differences can only help strengthen the marital bond.

Maybe one partner is very structured and has to be on a schedule, whereas the other is the opposite. This type of situation could potentially lead to an argument, but by talking about these issues before walking down the aisle, you allow your differences to become your strengths.

5. Emotional Baggage

One of the most important things to discuss before marriage is a person’s emotional baggage. We all have painful memories, and unfortunately, they stay with us and can rear their ugly heads when we least expect it. Sharing these emotional scars and working through them together can help you both embark on a life-long journey together.

If talking about these scars seems too painful, finding help through a Christian marriage counselor could be the answer to your prayers.

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