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Every relationship has its ups and downs, and many couples can work through their issues and move forward. Sometimes though, couples can hit roadblocks that are difficult to navigate. Whether you’re married or not, counseling can be an effective way to improve your relationship. For couples that share Christian beliefs, choosing a Christian marriage counselor can help strengthen the foundation of your relationship with common values.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Your Relationship 

While attending in-person or virtual sessions together with a licensed therapist, Christian marriage counseling does work to improve communication skills, anger management, and problem-solving while building trust between two people. It can also help you explore relationship goals, define responsibilities within the relationship, grow together spiritually, and help you work through major life changes and challenges. Couples’ sessions can also be combined with individual sessions to address specific issues with either partner. 

While many married couples pursue counseling, you don’t have to be married to attend therapy sessions. People in long-standing relationships and those who are separated can also pursue couples therapy to overcome the challenges they face.

Is Christian Marriage Counseling Right for Me?    

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For Christian marriage counseling to work, it does require effort from both partners. Couples need to be committed to actively participate in improving their relationship with the help of a therapist. If you are both in agreement and committed to change, then counseling can create positive change in your relationship dynamics, put the passion and romance back into your relationship, heal the hurt from past infidelities, and better equip you to deal with future bumps in the road. An experienced Christian therapist will work with you and include aspects of the faith to the level that you are comfortable with.   

When Does Christian Marriage Counseling Not Work?

There are a few signs you can look for in yourself and your partner in order to help tell if therapy will be effective or not. Here are some signs for when Christian marriage counseling does not work:

  • You or your partner do not hold Christian beliefs
  • You or your partner is active in an ongoing affair and does not wish to heal the relationship
  • One partner demonstrates dominating, controlling, or violent behavior towards the other
  • One or both partners have mental health or substance abuse problems that are not being treated

What to Expect During Christian Marriage Counseling

When both partners are committed, Christian counseling can be an immensely positive experience. A therapist will develop an approach customized to your unique needs and relationship. You will begin your sessions feeling that it is a safe space to express your concerns. The therapist won’t take sides, but will instead reassure each partner that they are being heard. On average, most couples require about 12 sessions, but some may need fewer or more to address the specific challenges they face.

For Christian marriage counseling in Austin, TX, try a session with Christian Counseling Austin. A licensed therapist can help you improve your relationship at our brick-and-mortar location, or through virtual sessions at your convenience. Book a session today!